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Whether you are an international company already operating in Cyprus, a local company that employs foreign personnel, a business interested in relocating your operations in Cyprus, G.C.A. Employment Agency can offer you specialised services for all your Immigration and Relocation needs. Founded in 1988, G.C.A. was the originator of Employment Agencies in Cyprus and our numerous satisfied clients can attest to our professionalism and effectiveness. All that is left for you to do, is to put your trust in our experienced team of consultants.

Our Services

Investors Services

As part of its policy to further encourage Foreign Direct Investment and to attract high net worth individuals to settle and do business in Cyprus, the Government has developed specialised naturalisation and permanent residence schemes. G.C.A. Employment Agency provides complete solutions to individuals and families looking to maximise the advantages deriving from various local investing opportunities and the following government schemes:

Citizenship and Passport

Obtaining the citizenship and passport of an EU member state is undoubtedly an important competitive advantage for every investor seeking to expand their economic activities, within the Union and on a global scale. Our experienced team of consultants can undertake the timely and efficient completion of the demanding procedures for successfully meeting the requirements of the Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by exception Scheme, that provides, among others, an accelerated procedure. As a part of our services, we provide accurate and ongoing advice throughout all the steps leading to obtaining the nationality of Cyprus. Given the frequently shifting nature of this scheme, we make sure that our experienced advisors constantly monitor all relevant policy changes and provide our customers with valid and accurate advice and guidance.

Accelerated procedures for Investors Permanent Residence (Immigration Permit)

Permanent residents in Cyprus enjoy increased benefits such as immigration stability, mobility within the EU and family reunification facilitation. Therefore, if you are looking to relocate permanently to Cyprus and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer to you and your family, while expanding at the same time your investing opportunities in a constantly growing economic environment, you can rely on our extensive knowledge for securing the most accurate and valid consultation. Our goal is to assist you in successfully navigating through the mandatory procedures.

Corporate Services

Take your pick; European Union member state, favourable taxation, services focused economy, friendly and safe community, the allure of working under blue skies with the blue sea at your feet, a combination of some the above, or more likely all of the above? No matter what your personal favourite is, there is no denying that Cyprus is an attractive business destination. G.C.A. can be the trusted immigration and relocation partner who will guide you through this new and exciting chapter of your success story.

Company Registration as a Cyprus Company

We will provide the stepping stone of setting up your business in Cyprus in a swift manner. Our qualified experts will assist you with the registration of your Company, advising you towards the form of business entity most suitable for the needs of your corporation.

Company Registration as an International Company

We can advise and assist you with the registration of your business as an international company in Cyprus with the Government's Migration Department. This will enable your corporation to enjoy the favourable immigration and employment benefits and the simplified requirements available only to international companies.


We can offer you the best advice in choosing the most suitable personnel, by matching your business's needs with the necessary skills of the workforce. Finding the right person for the job is the cornerstone for a successful business which, without the right guidance, can be proved a challenging task.

Visa and Registration for non Cypriot personnel

As in all EU countries, hiring from non-member states requires the issuance of an entry permit (Visa) and upon arrival of the hired individual, registration. This procedure might seem complicated but fortunately, G.C.A. can sort it out for you saving you time and frustration.

Intra-Corporate Transfers

Transfer existing key personnel from your offices around the world to Cyprus.

Family Reunification

An essential side benefit of being registered as an International Company is the expedited and facilitated procedure which enables higher and middle management personnel from non-EU countries to be joined by their family right here in Cyprus. Even if your company is not registered as such, our team of experts will find you the most appropriate course of action.

Start-Up Visas

If you are looking to set up and operate your start-up business in an environment with high growth potential, then Cyprus is a place worth looking at. Our consultants will provide you with insightful and practical solutions to successfully navigate and complete the requirements of the two-fold Cyprus Start-Up Visa Scheme

Business Process Outsource (BPO)

Tailor-made solutions for companies with all year around Immigration and Relocation needs. Instead of setting up a department or further burdening your HR staff, you could take advantage of our BPO service and get things done faster while keeping your costs down.


G.C.A. Employment Agency offers complete solutions to individuals wishing to permanently or temporarily relocate to Cyprus and to employers looking for suitable foreign employees, based on their specific needs. We offer professional advice and guidance for successfully fulfilling all the steps necessary to establish sustainable residence and employment. We offer immigration consultation and representation for the following:

Permanent Residence (Immigration Permit and Long Term Residence)

Permanent and long term residents in Cyprus enjoy increased benefits, such as immigration stability, mobility within the EU and family reunification facilitation. Therefore, if you are looking to relocate permanently to Cyprus and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer you and your family, you can rely on our extensive knowledge and obtain the most accurate and valid advice. We will help you choose the best option for work or just residence in Cyprus and we will act as your representatives navigating you through all the mandatory steps.

Employment of Domestic Workers (Housemaids)

Our tested and proven pre-selection and recruitment procedures will help you hire the right person for the job while taking into consideration the specific needs of your family and household. Domestic Workers include nannies, caregivers and cleaners. As part of our business operations and in collaboration with our accredited partners abroad, we interview both the candidates and the employers in an effort to match the right employer to the right employee. All the required procedures for acquiring the necessary documentation and permits from the government authorities are followed.

Employment of skilled and unskilled personnel

If you are an individual or a small/ medium enterprise wishing to employ non EU personnel, look no further. Our services are comprehensive and include the recruiting and issue of all the relevant permits through the Department of Labour and the Migration Department. We cooperate with our partner agents abroad so you can rest assured about the final selection process and the timely arrival of your employee.

Family Reunification for non-EU citizens

Establishing stable living conditions and high quality in life, can prove to be a challenge for every expatriate, especially when it comes to family reunification matters. G.C.A. Employment Agency can assist you in choosing the proper route for having your family join you in Cyprus.

EU nationals and their family members and family members of Cypriots

We can offer you solutions for obtaining all the necessary documentation and permits for permanent or temporary residence and employment in Cyprus, whether you are an EU national or a family member of an EU national or a Cypriot citizen.

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To offer you complete and sound Immigration and Relocation solutions that exceed your expectations.

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G.C.A. Employment Agency is a Licensed Private Employment Agency by the Ministry of Labour with License Number 219 located in Nicosia - Cyprus. It was founded in 1988 under the name GCA Manpower Services and was the first of its kind in Cyprus. We started out as Domestic Workers and Unskilled Labour specialists but over our ongoing successful run, our drive and tenacity shaped us into so much more. We are now the proud team behind prodigious projects like Cyprus' both International Airports in Larnaca and Paphos as well as Nicosia General Hospital.
Furthermore, without abandoning our recruitment roots, for over a decade now we have been a driving force behind personal and corporate relocation. Temporary Employment Visa, Visitor Visa, Yellow Slip, International Company Employees Long-term and Permanent Residence, Immigration Permit, Citizenship and Passport are only a few of the services that we added to our recruitment expertise. Corporation or Individual, when it comes to Recruitment, Immigration and Relocation services, us here at G.C.A. can be your one stop shop. Between our experienced consultants and our trusted network of professionals (Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate, Insurance Agents) there is no related issue that we cannot assist you with.

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